24 September, 2020

Types of Indian Traditional/ Folk Art & Paintings

Types of Indian Traditional/ Folk Art & Paintings

  • Madhubani Painting
  • Warli Painting
  • Miniature Painting
  • Kalamkari Painting
  • Kerala Mural Arts
  • Gond Painting
  • Patachithra
  • Pichwai
  • Tanjore Painting
  • Cheriyal Painting
  • Pithora Painting
  • Kalighat Painting
  • Phad Painting

Gestalt Theory

 Gestalt Theory

    6 Principles of Gestalt Theory of Visual Perception

  • Figure - Ground
  • Similarity
  • Proximity- Common region
  • Continuity
  • closure
  • Symmetry & Order

15 November, 2015

NID students in Ahmedabad replace plastic with bamboo

NID students in Ahmedabad replace plastic with bamboo

From wine holders to egg cases, furniture design students of National Institute of Design (NID) have creatively used ubiquitous bamboo in the quest to replace plastic. 

Several trendy kitchen and office accessories made out of bamboo are currently displayed on Paldi campus. The students were guided by Pravinsinh Solanki, faculty of furniture and interior design. 

Solanki said: "Today, people prefer more modern-looking products, or just cheaper plastic goods. But the first battle that bamboo wins over plastic is that of its stylish nature and recyclable option. Our idea is to promote use of products made from sustainable goods and also Indian crafts. But these goods need to be fashionable and creatively made." 

Solanki has a special interest in bamboo furniture and is the coordinator of Bamboo Initiatives at NID. Exploring the various facets of bamboo, NID had recently also organised a six-day workshop for its students and those from Hochschule fur Technik und Wirtschaft (HTW) in Germany. Facilitated by Solanki, the workshop made Germans familiar with bamboo, the process of cutting and resizing as per product. The institute had three craftsmen from Tripura to guide the students.